The Admission committee of the school admits new pupil and transferees on the basis of the result of the qualifying assessment,
academic records, character evaluation and the pupil’s and parent’s acceptance of the schools objectives and policies.


1. Copy of Birth Certificate

2. Report Card

3. Good Moral Character

4. Two (2) identical 1×1 ID picture



1. Secure a Reservation Form  from the School Office.

2. Submit accomplished Reservation Form to the School Office and attach all requirements.

3. Pay a Reservation fee at the School Office. This yearly fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Withdrawal
at any time, for any reason, after fourteen days from the submission of the registration forms results in the forfeiture of the
registration fee. This fee cannot be applied to the payment of any other fees.

4. Secure the test permit and have the child take the assessment. The assessment will evaluate the child’s level of development.

5. Wait for the releasing of assessment results.

6. An interview with the child will be conducted.

7. Secure an Enrolment Agreement Form at the school office. Parents of accepted students should confirm
enrollment by paying the down payment fee which will be deducted from your enrollment fees during the enrollment period.